inetd service replaced by systemd magic

Here is a service I used to have configured within inetd:
9999           stream  tcp     nowait  approx  /usr/sbin/approx /usr/sbin/approx
Now, let’s replace this with systemd form.

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Adobe Air 2.0 on Ubuntu 10.04 amd64

If you install Adobe Air 2 on an amd64 ubuntu 10.04 (or any other debian based amd64) , you’ll get some problems.

Some nice guys already wrote something about this problem, like Jeremy Wilkins .

See his post there:

Now, what they will teach you is to foget about the dpkg / apt way of installing it and it’s a pitty. Adobe made a good work of it, providing dpkg way of deinstalling applications and so.

Here is how to deal with this architecture issue.

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